Thursday, September 24, 2009

...patience and calm... is a beautiful story submitted by a good friend of mine in my homestate, Missouri.

...sorry Garry, but I read mindless mystery novels and spy fiction, and I quit playing golf 25 years ago. Why you ask; I found my best friends had played all their lives and while they were most kind, I perceived my golfing prowess kept them from enjoying their I quit.

My son Matt who is now 35 years old loves to fish. When Matt was eight he had no patience whatsoever, and a temper to match. However, after spending hours upon hours fishing and wandering the lakes edge as well as many ponds, streams and rivers we’d fish, his patience developed. I wanted to encourage this "patience and quiet" he enjoyed while fishing. Soon my daughter Leigh and wife Ann (of 39 years), joined our patient and quiet fishing. The water has a calming effect on me and has done wonders for my son and entire family. We love the "patience, calm and quiet" in our lives while fishing the waters of Northern Missouri. You should try it too.

Mom’s funeral was three weeks ago. While there, the family decided we should go to Kellogg Lake one evening. The only fish caught was by Leigh’s daughter, my granddaughter. I cried when all of my kids and their kids gathered around her, congratulating her on a fine catch. Don G., Missouri

Now that's what life is all about...thanks Don. friend, --gg

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

...what about a "Comments" page?...

...thinking of including a “Comments” page on the books site to create some exposure with what the buyers of the book (PreOrders), have been saying in their comments. It is most impressive...what has been written. From a random of six buyer comments that I’ve chosen, a couple have really confirmed my premise...making me think that the message of the book is indeed being communicated. A writer never knows if what he’s thinking and actually put into being interpreted correctly, if at all. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic when I read from one posting on my comment page mentioning... “delusions of self-importance supersede appropriate behavior.” How good is that, huh?

It is always difficult (like now), to write in brevity...remembering the old shoe... “brevity is the soul of wit!” Being brief in ones speech is not any easier...but writing has to be the most difficult task...particularly when you’re wit-less (lacking in wit), like me. So...when a person (me, specifically), tries to be brief AND convey his “life’s message,” it is refreshing and humbling to know...that someone (more than one, many) are picking-up on what indeed it is you’re trying to say. I’m honored to have the many friends and relatives...take the time, to respond with such kindness in their comments...and particularly their “understanding.” Thank You. --gg
(I'll let you know when this "Comments" page is up).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

...time marches on... makes my heart pound to read the nice comments from buyers of the book Character Happens! Sales of the book (the preorders), have been pretty good with such limited exposure. My wife Linda keeps pounding me to “keep writing...get it done,” if it were only that easy. Fits of inspiration coupled with time come sparingly...also, having the unfortunate disease of constantly editing the work...causes the sentences, paragraphs and pages to creep along. is progressing...and for that little movement, I’m further encouraged.

My tentative schedule is to finish and final edit the book by the middle of November, 2009. The word tentative is not my “out” so to speak...from my pronounced delivery date of “Before Christmas.” It is only the reality of this (like any other) business...whereby numerous events (beyond my control) can cause delay in its being printed, bound and shipped to me in early December...for shipping to purchasers prior to Christmas, 2009.

Many of the book purchasers have commented about the topic of the book and “The 5 Most Important—But Fleeting Virtues.” They are in agreement the time is right for “a book” to discuss the topic of fleeting virtues. Naturally this makes me happy...also...many of you have stated you agree with the topic or premise of book. Great! And, I hope the stories convey the message of the virtue in a way many readers can empathize with, perhaps reflect...and aid their personal understanding of making a “more virtuous” decision in life.

What are "The 5 Most Important--But Fleeting Virtures?"

Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Compassion and Humility.

.....this is a portion of the "introduction" or prologue to the book (not yet completed) with your comments.

The books title; Character Happens! The 5 Most Important—But Fleeting Virtues, describes my belief these five important virtues (Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Compassion, Humility), are sporadic in use and diminishing in personal character. The books message is in recognizing this “fleeting” nature and from that reinstitute a more virtuous choice in your decision making.

The paradox of the two words; Character Happens, with another two words: “S### Happens”* (decorum prevents use of actual word) is not without merit. My belief is that observed human character is much like, well...s###! This kind of observation can be disconcerting at times. So confusing that society can hardly make the distinction between the two words and there obvious different meaning. Individuals make virtuous and un-virtuous choices/decisions for innumerable reasons, both consciously and without deep thought. If we postulate; can an individual make a 'more' virtuous choice in life’s decisions should they want to do so? Answer—perhaps. How does one 'reinstitute a more virtuous choice' into their personal makeup...making the response more automatic? Answer—practice. With a concerted effort at 'practice' I individual might just develop a more 'repetitive' decent response...much like grooving a golf swing.

I love golf. I think the game is like no other. The five stories that make up Character Happens! have a golf storyline. Some readers may not be able to relate to the game of golf or its vernacular or for that matter, why people...a large number of golf. Too bad! You should try it sometime...because it’s more than a can be a life experience. The golf course environment alone is enough to put most people at ease.

Golf is a game played by the individual as opposed to being a member of a team, like baseball. Baseball has umpires who enforce the rules of the game. In golf you are the umpire. Because of this unique method of enforcing the games rules—golf is a “hotbed” for testing the players character...their honesty, their integrity, their courage and sometimes their compassion. And, because all golfers started from knowing nothing about the game; like how to swing, how to putt or chip... they also learn of humility. Now doesn’t it make perfect sense that a book about character would juxtaposition a storyline with the game of golf? Anyway, I thought so.

There are five stories, one for each virtue. The book has six main characters that make up a group of what I call 'golf buddies.' The storyteller, Spencer Madison, in reality is me. Well, somewhat like I have a better golf game than Spencer. The five others vary in age, gender, education, religious beliefs and definitely personality. The 'binder' of the group or what brings them together; golf.

The reader will hopefully discover in their own lives a similar incident with one of the story’s in Character Happens! If not, that’s okay the stories are earnest while humorous, carefree yet compelling. And, I believe each chapter or story makes a 'point' in this wonderful, wacky, dynamic world in the 21st century.

The stories are fictional as are the characters. Names, personalities or incidents are fictional and in no way resemble or refer to a living person. I’ve used paraphrasing of many authors’ ideas and concepts and have referenced them in a special section. Because of these references and the specific genre where the book is to be found, it’s categorized as a non-fictional, personal development book.

for the language but this word best describes the thought I want to convey. In Forrest Gump the term was used to describe situations that happen to all people for no particular reason.